Don't Just "Survive" Basic Training -  CRUSH It.

Some idiots will tell you...

Just "show up" to Basic Training... and "wing it."

I suppose that's good advice... if you DON'T want the following:

  • Graduating at the top of your class
  • Getting the MOS (job) you REALLY want after Basic
  • Becoming eligible for FASTER promotions
  • Graduating with up to 30% more pay in your pocket

But... if graduating at the top of your class, getting your dream job, faster promotions, and higher pay DO interest you...

Then you owe it to yourself, your family & loved ones... and frankly, your country...

To get as ready as possible for basic training: physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually.

You owe it to yourself to enroll in Basic Training University.

5 Years in the making... thousands of interviews with recruits, drill sergeants, and crusty vets.

It's EVERYTHING you need... and nothin' you don't... to get ready for Basic Training.

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  • 9 Instructional Videos covering physical fitness, mental toughness, food tips, and more
  • 83 Episodes of "Basic Training Radio" - led by Sgt. Michael Volkin, crusty vets  shoot the sh*t and get real about Basic Training... and what YOU need to do to get ready
  • Newly Redesigned "Ultimate Basic Training Survival Pack" - make your life infinitely easier at Basic with these "secret" items.


How's your push-up count?

Want to boost it... by up to 400%?

Thought so.

When you hit Basic Training... you're gonna' be doing a crap ton of push-ups.

And your push-up count will either get you INTO a ton of trouble...

​Or get you OUT of a ton of trouble.

One thing's for sure... however many you can do right now...

You'll need to do more.

I'll show you how with my "Triple Threat Push-Up System."

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"A MUST... " ~ Military.com

"Should be REQUIRED..." ~ Army.com

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Satisfaction Guaranteed


Hey listen,

If you order my course, take my time-tested advice, and it doesn't help you during Basic Training, I'll off you a FULL refund...no questions asked!

But you have to take my advice!

Not just listen to it. Or agree with it. You have to DO it!

There is absolutely no risk to you.

Love it, or I’ll refund your hard-earned money.

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Workout Tables

Download the full size workout tables found in the book here. Warning, if you do not own the book, you will not understand the tables.

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Free Video Training

Free access to over 40 short videos on basic training starring Sergeant Michael Volkin.

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Basic Training University

Get INSTANT ACCESS to the Ultimate guide for Basic Training.

80 instructional podcasts and 9 detailed videos give you the secret weapon to ACE basic training!

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