Basic Training University

Sergeant Michael Volkin helps you master basic training.

4 Hours of Essential Instructional Videos

Basic Training University You the "Cheat Codes" you need to Ace Basic Training. 

​1.  How to Mentally Prepare for Basic Training 

2.  How to Ace Your Fitness Test 

3.  Food Tips

4.  How to Run Faster With Less Effort

​5.  Fitness After Boot Camp

6.  Taking Care of Business

7.  Handling Relationships 

8.  Phonetic Alphabet and Numbers

9.  How to Get a Great Job After Boot Camp

Bonus Material Podcasts

Download dozens of hours of basic training podcasts* (over 80 of them) taught by Sergeant Volkin. Hear Sergeant Volkin answer caller's questions and teach you about every aspect of Basic Training.

*requires Microsoft Excel