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National Guard Breastfeeding Controversy-Both Sides of the Story

basic trainingFor those of you going to basic training or thinking about joining the military, I am sure you have read the recent controversy surrounding the two National Guard women photographed by Mom2Mom, breast feeding their children.  This blog post is for YOU to voice your opinion and not meant to persuade you in either direction, right or wrong. With that said, I would like to give both a positive and negative opinion on Mom2Mom.  First the positive, congratulations on your brilliant marketing campaign that was able to stir a viral debate and bring awareness to your cause.  Now the negative, shame on you for using military servicewomen as a pawn to further your cause, you knew they would get in trouble for this, but you posted the pictures anyway.  Although no formal reprimand has been handed to these women yet, you have undoubtedly ruined the careers of two military servicewomen.  Once they receive your reprimand, I am certain you will not be there to support these two mothers monetarily as they will most likely be either be discharged or receive a reduction in rank and pay.

Before we analyze what both sides are saying about this controversy, it is important for you to understand that the military is not reprimanding these women for their stance on breast feeding.  They will reprimand these women for breastfeeding in their uniform AND allowing their picture to be taken. It is a violation of military regulations to use the uniform to further a civilian cause.

Now, let’s analyze what both sides are saying about this controversy. Please note, by posting the below, I am neither disagreeing or agreeing with these comments.


-All that mother is doing is feeding her child..The problem is she is wearing a military uniform while she is what – via CNN forum

-There’s really no reason to get upset over this. It doesn’t place the military in a bad light, in fact it makes me feel better about the military. I would be offended if the military makes a bid deal over it – via CNN forum

-These two airmen should get some form of punishment, not because they are breastfeeding but because they broke the rules.-via Huffington Post forum


-There is no story here. Breastfeeding in any uniform is acceptable. – via CNN forum

-The national guard is in favor of killing mothers sleeping in their homes overseas but against national guard mothers feeding their children in the healthiest way. -via Huffington Post forum

-I’ve seen much more at the beach. I guess some people don’t like “naturalist moms?” Certainly cannot be those who so vigilantly desire “woman’s rights?” -via Huffington Post forum

SOUND OFF! What do you think?


  1. Tara Glenn /

    There is no law about breastfeeding in uniform. In fact, commands MUST provide a nursing mother a quiet area besides a restroom to breastfeed and/or pump. Many times, this is an office. Please get your facts straight before you start writing blogs.

    Airman Glenn, USN, NOSC Pensacola

    • “Airman Glenn”, my “facts” came directly from the UCMJ and the story was referenced by dozens of national news stories including CNN and other notable outlets. I didn’t invent this story
      -SGT Volkin

  2. rhalynn /

    Perhaps I don’t understand the rules completely, since I have never been personally a part of the military/National Guard, but I am confused. These mothers will be reprimanded for allowing a picture to be taken of them that furthers a civilian cause, but what about the Toyota commercial I saw last night on tv that showed a lot of pictures of military women and men in uniform? Am I to understand that the rules only apply to causes, and not to a blatant marketing attempt by a corporation to use our sense of respect for our brothers and sisters in uniform to sell cars? Or is it simply a case of pulling out the rule book because the good ol’ boys don’t like the fact that these women were proud of the fact that not only are they putting food on the table, but also in their children’s mouths?

  3. Mike /

    A commercial isn’t the same thing as a cause.

  4. I’m a bit late in posting but here’s my comment: I’m a female and I think this pic is awkward at best and inappropriate at worst. I disagree with Mom2Mom. The military is not the place for social experimentation. Why can’t Mom2Mom understand this? Sometimes its hard to protect people who seem to disrespect you and/or don’t understand the place military holds in society.

    In response to Tara Glenn’s comment “There is no law about breastfeeding in uniform.” This is not the issue. The issue is whether it should be PHOTOGRAPHED. Breastfeeding is fine, but its a rather private time and should be regarded as such, not photographed and broadcast to the world as proof of “women’s rights”. The purpose of breastfeeding is to nourish the BABY, not to prove YOURSELF as a woman. Lets not focus on ourselves, and focus on what matters, a new life that a wife and husband have responsibility for. Some of the most precious times in life can also be the most private and there is something violated when these moments are exploited for social causes. Native Aboriginals consider taking photographs to be disrespectful and that it even takes away ones soul. I won’t go that far, but I think the Aborigines see something we “civilized” western females don’t. Maybe one day we will…

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