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Could You Be Drafted?

basic trainingCould You Be Drafted?

The last time Americans were drafted to go to war was the Vietnam War (1961-1975).  Since then, the military has successfully sustained an all volunteer force. However, the former US commander in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, recently pushed for a reinstatement of the draft to ease the strain of the current volunteers force constant rotation of deployment.   In June of 2012, McChrystal stated ”Less than one percent of Americans are touched by this,” referring to military personnel who have been deployed numerous times for long rotations in recent years. McChrystal went on to state how our professionally trained military has never been in extended wars for such a lengthy period of time without a draft.

In Vietnam, draftees represented 25% of the total military force, but accounted for over 30% of combat deaths.  Many Americans are passionate about the subject of a draft. Let’s examine the pros and cons of a draft:


-More troops

-Troops will be representative from all segments of society

-Lower cost, per troop, to train and deploy

-Shorter deployments for current troops


-Professional troops have to fight alongside sparsely trained troops

-Most drafted troops lack motivation

-Drafts are largely unpopular among the civilian population

– Very expensive to provide equipment, food and resources to tens of thousands of extra troops

Is America ready for another draft? Sound off and post your comments below

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  1. It seems like there has been a lot of whispering about potentially reinstating the draft lately, but frankly I tend to be against it. Even with the all-volunteer military we have now, it’s obvious there are many people that are in that shouldn’t be. I remember those people from my time in the Air Force. They do the absolute minimum, most of the time you can’t deploy them, and a huge amount of supervisors’ time is spent babysitting them. My point is that, while you can force someone to do a job, I think it’s very difficult to force someone to do a job well. Just my two cents. It’s an interesting topic for sure.

  2. You’d have to give very good rational for re-instituting the draft. All the services are meeting their recruiting goals this year (, so our numbers aren’t hurting. Perhaps if you wanted to address your second pro reason (-Troops will be representative from all segments of society), since there are many who criticize the military for targeting the poor. However, for many that is the only means of escape from their poverty. My dad is an example. If he had never joined the Army he would probably ended up a drunk and dead at 50 like much of his family.

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