Be Prepared for Military Basic Training

Survival Pack

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I know you’re excited by what you have seen on this website so far, private, but close your mouth. I’m not your dang dentist!

Since you can’t have outside reading material in military basic training, The Ultimate Survival Pack looks like a regular notebook on the outside. On the inside it is a complete basic training survival system. Now you can go to basic training and carry the advice of SGT Volkin in your cargo pocket! Inside The Ultimate Survival Pack are essentials that every recruit needs for basic training. Equipment such as:

  • Sewing kit with clear thread to fix uniform rips
  • Stamps
  • Black sharpie for labeling all your military issued items
  • Envelopes for mailing
  • Phone card for calling home (cell phone access at basic training is a big maybe private!)

The notepad is displayed in a journal format so you can log your daily activities at basic training, creating a keepsake when you graduate. Throughout the pages are tips from SGT Volkin and inspirational quotes. In the back of the journal is an address book so you can write the contact information of all your new little friends. There is also a perforated section so you can tear pages out and write letters home.

100,000 sperm and YOU were the fastest? Private, let’s double time it over to the Basic Training University page.

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Survival Pack
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