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  • There is no smoking at basic training, so quit on your own terms before you leave, or your drill sergeant’s terms once you get there.
  • Easier said than done, but don’t talk back to your drill sergeants.
  • Eat a great meal before you leave, it’s the last decent tasting one you’ll have for quite awhile.
  • Do what you’re told and never question your drill sergeant.
  • Don’t take food from the DFAC and hide it in your locker. You’re going to feel hungry all the time but don’t steal the food! Drill Sgts love to have random inspections where they dump everything you have out of your locker and search your stuff. People will take stupid things like granola bars and packets of ketchup, just don’t do it.
  • Go to church on Sundays, it’s the only break you’ll get. Those that don’t go to church usually have to clean the barracks.
  • Learn your branches values now. You’ll get quizzed regularly by the Drill Sergeants
  • Your M16 will be your new best friend. Love it dearly. Clean it often. Get your Inspection Arms movement down well. I named mine Gail. Never ever call it a gun. It’s a weapon!
  • Mail call is the highlight of the day, besides chow time. Give everyone from home your address because mail helps motivate you.