Military Haircuts

As soon as you arrive at basic training one of the first order of business is to get your hair cut.

Immediately after your haircut you will feel like it’s too late to turn back… because it is. You’re in for the long haul now.

Guys please, don’t shave your head before you get to basic training. If your hair is shorter than the others, you will get in trouble.

Conversely, women, get your hair cut by a professional before you arrive. You will not like the way the military barber cuts it. Except for the Navy, you’re not required to get your haircut, but it must be fashioned in such a way that it doesn’t protrude past the bottom of your collar, and not below the eyebrows.

Also women, don’t shave your head like the style of a men’s haircut, that’s considered a fad and is not allowed. All female haircuts must be feminine.
Bottom line, who cares what your hair looks like in basic training, just get your hair cut, get yelled at by your drill sergeants, and graduate.