Be Prepared for Military Basic Training

Learn to Train for Basic Training

Congratulations Private!

You have just taken the most important step in your thus far, pathetic military career.

Preparing and training for basic training will help you tremendously. Allow me to introduce you to a series of basic training preparation tools that will absolutely change your life for the better. Hey numskull, let me show you the two decisions you can make right now

basic training Option A: Here’s what you would be experiencing if you didn’t read the Ultimate Basic Training Series. (He’s doing push ups)


basic training Option B: Here’s what you would be experiencing if you did read the Ultimate Basic Training Series. (He’s graduating!)


Am I making myself clear?!

If your Drill Sergeant is happy, you’re happy. You will get yelled at less, have less stress, and you may even get promoted and receive more pay and awards! You can learn about the helpful products SGT Volkin has designed for you below. Hey scumbag, this is one of those times where a small decision can make a big improvement in your life. Now, I leave it up to you, which one of the above options are you going to choose?

Basic Training University
Survival Pack
Strength Stack 52