Be Prepared for Military Basic Training

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About SGT Volkin Learn about Sergeant Michael Volkin, one of Howcast’s military experts.

What Is Basic Training? Learn what basic training is.

How Long Is Basic Training? Learn how long basic training lasts.

The Gas Chamber Learn what the gas chamber is like at basic training.

How to Make the First Day More Bearable Learn how to make the first day of basic training more bearable.

Basic Training Locations Learn about the various basic training locations.

Basic Training Pay Learn about basic training pay.

Battle Buddies Learn what battle buddies are.

How to Understand Your Drill Sergeant
Learn how to understand your drill sergeant.

Basic Training Awards Learn about basic training awards.

Colors on a Military Map Learn about the colors on a military map.

Basic Training: How to Avoid Getting Yelled At
Learn how to avoid getting yelled at during basic training.

Basic Training: Firing Range Learn about the firing range at basic training.

Basic Training Haircuts Learn about basic training haircuts.

Quiz: Are You Ready for Basic Training?
Learn if you’re ready for basic training with this quiz.

What About Bringing Prescriptions to Basic Training? Learn if you can take prescriptions to basic training.

How to Take a Shower at Basic Training Afraid of taking a shower with other people? This helpful video will give you some tips.

Which Branch of Service Should I Join?
Learn about the different branches of military service you might want to join.

How to Avoid Homesickness at Basic Training Learn how to avoid homesickness during basic training.

How to Tell Military Time Learn how to tell military time.

Military Law Learn the basics of military law.

Basic Facing Movements Learn about basic facing movements, a must know before meeting your drill instructors.

What to Call Your Drill Sergeant Learn what to call your drill sergeant at basic training, no matter what branch of service you’re joining.

Packing for Basic Training Learn what to pack for basic training.

Finding Religion at Basic Training Learn about finding religion amidst a sea of drill sergeants.

The Top 7 Ways to Make Your Drill Sergeant Happy Learn the top seven ways to make your drill sergeant happy.

A Day in the Life of a Basic Training Recruit Learn what a day in the life of a basic training recruit is like.

Common Basic Training Terms Learn some common basic training terms and acronyms.

How to Make a Good First Impression at Basic Training Learn how to make a good first impression during basic training.

Fireguard DutyLearn all about fireguard duty.

Working with Your Military Recruiter Learn how to deal with your recruiter.

Basic Training Myths Learn the truth behind some common basic training myths.

All about the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Learn all about MEPS.

Women in Basic Training Do women have it harder than men at boot camp? Find out here.

Basic Training: Mail Call Learn about how you will receive and send mail at boot camp.

Basic Training Exercises Learn about various basic training exercises.

Military Stretching Exercises Learn about military stretching exercises.

How to Increase Your Number of Push-Ups by 400% Learn how to increase the number of push-ups you can do by 400 percent.

How to Increase Your Number of Sit-ups by 400% Learn how to increase the number of sit-ups you can do by 400 percent.

How to Stay out of Trouble Learn how to stay out of trouble during basic training.

How to Eat an MRE Learn how to eat an MRE, aka Meal Ready to Eat.