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Wow finally, what took you so long?! You’re slower than a turtle stampeding through peanut butter. 

You’ve found Basic Training University, a unique online school which enables military recruits of any branch of the military to learn hundreds of basic training tips, tricks and tactics to master boot camp. SGT Volkin is the instructor. Each course is pre-recorded and available online, so you can learn anytime and anywhere. Don’t worry private, there’s no homework.  Check out the course list below.

You will not only learn advanced basic training tips, but you will also learn how to boost your resume and get a great job when you graduate basic training! Private, I realize your slow, but not becoming a student at Basic Training University is just downright stupid. Once you order, you will be emailed the courses and you can begin learning immediately. This isn’t just for army training or marine training, if you’re joining any branch of the military, you can benefit from these online courses.

Check Out This Course List

How to Mentally Prepare for Boot Camp (23:00)

This course examines the mental preparation a recruit needs to take before arriving at basic training. Record keeping tips and key reasons why recruits fail basic training are also discussed.

How to Ace your Fitness Tests (32:58)

This course prepares your body for military fitness tests. You will review common military fitness myths, learn stretching and workout exercises and tips to increase your fitness scores. A personalized fitness routine is also presented in this course.

Food Tips (24:34)

This course will teach you how to eat a Meal Ready-to-Eat (MRE) and show you how to make the most out of your quick basic training meals.

Taking Care of Business (32:34)

This course helps you plan for financial and non-financial matters at home while at basic training and gives tips on what to pack (and not pack).

How to Run Faster With Less Effort (18:41)

This course examines how you can improve your running efficiency and speed. This course also explains how to select the proper running shoe.

Relationships (32:00)

This course discusses tips on how to stay in touch with loved ones when at basic training and how to take advantage of mail call. This course also discusses tips on maintaining the crucial relationships with battle buddies, Drill Sergeants and fellow recruits.

How to Get a Great Job After Boot Camp (39:05)

This course covers military resume boosters to improve your chances of getting a great job. This course also covers various online resources to help your job hunt as well as interview and apparel tips.

Phonetic Alphabet and Numbers (15:54)

This course reviews the military phonetic alphabet and phonetic numbers. Exercises are given to help you memorize the phonetic alphabet easier.

Fitness After Boot Camp (36:42)

This course instructs students how to execute and maintain an effective workout routine to stay healthy and fit in the civilian world and still be able to surpass military fitness tests. The material covers executing diversity, consistency and nutrition as a part of your daily workout routine.

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