Basic Training Showers

Want to know about the showers at basic training?

An often undiscussed fear of recruits going to basic training are the showers. You will have to take a group shower, it will most likely be timed by your Drill Sergeant, and no, no one cares what you look like naked.

In fact, just to prove to you that getting naked is no big deal, I am going to do the rest of this video with my pants off.

Honestly folks this is a touchy subject for many of you and if you’re really worried about it, simply go to a gym or YMCA and take some showers there to get used to showering with others. Another option would be to commit a felony, get thrown in prison and learn to take a shower with other prisoners. I guarantee you; you will get much more attention in a prison showers than in a military shower. Don’t drop your soap though.

But I will tell you from experience, from someone who has been through basic and talked to hundreds of recruits who have completed basic training, no one cares what you look like naked. In fact, recruits won’t even look, they are too busy trying to get their muddy body clean in the short time they have to shower anyway.

Some recruits try to skip the shower and use a wet washcloth to clean their body. Believe me; this will only attract more attention to you.

Think of it on the bright side, taking group showers saves water which is great for the environment.

Oooh a penny.